Upcoming Tasks

You can fetch a list of upcoming tasks (corresponding to those shown on the “My Work” page).

% curl https://app.liquidplanner.com/api/v1/workspaces/:id/upcoming_tasks

Optional parameters:


Max number of tasks to return. We pull your assigned items from Inbox and from scheduled items, and the limit is applied to each group separately, so you can get at most (2 * limit) items total.


Boolean, default false, returns the list ungrouped if true.


Boolean, default false, includes related items if true (so you don’t have to make separate requests to fetch them).


ID number, defaults to the current member, specifying whose tasks to list.

This call will return treeitems, but with one additional field present. The result will be a collection of groups. Each group represents a week or the inbox.

For example:

    "from": null,
    "to": null,
    "group": "INBOX",
    "items": [ {…} ]
    "from": "2015-10-04",
    "to": "2015-10-10",
    "group": "10/04/15 - 10/10/15",
    "items": [{…}]
    "from": "2015-10-18",
    "to": "2015-10-24",
    "group": "10/18/15 - 10/24/15",
    "items": [{…}]

Items is a collection of treeitems, but they have one additional attribute. The attribute ‘is_related’ will be true for items which you do not own, but are returned because you have a checklist item on it.