Timesheet Entries (LP Classic)

This documentation is for LiquidPlanner Classic: app.liquidplanner.com


Since timesheet entries act outside of the tree item hierarchy, they are filtered with URL parameters.

This is conceptually similar to the filtering on items, but the syntax is simpler and designed to correspond to options in the timesheet export UI. Some syntactic validation is performed, but useless queries (such as a start_date greater than an end date, or a nonexistent project_id) are acceptable and will simply return no result.

URL ParameterDescription
member_identries for this member
client_identries for tasks in this client
project_identries for tasks in this project
stateentries whose timesheet state is one of "open", "submitted", "accepted"
start_dateentries whose work_date is equal to or greater than
end_dateentries whose work_date is equal to or less than
updated_sinceentries whose updated_at date is equal to or greater than
limitlimit number of entries returned, defaults to 1000 if no other parameters are provided
offsetallows to page through the results

Example: Get timesheet entries within a date range

% curl https://app.liquidplanner.com/api/v1/workspaces/:id/timesheet_entries?start_date=2016-05-01&end_date=2016-05-31

Updating and Deleting Timesheet Entries

Updating or deleting existing timesheet entries can be done via the track_time action using "append" option.