Timesheets (LP Classic)

This documentation is for LiquidPlanner Classic: app.liquidplanner.com

Retrieving Timesheets


Since timesheets act outside of the tree item hierarchy, they are filtered with URL parameters.

URL ParameterDescription
member_idtimesheets for this member
statetimesheets whose state is one of "open", "submitted", "accepted"
start_datetimesheets that start on this date

Example: Retrieve all timesheets for a member

% curl https://app.liquidplanner.com/api/v1/workspaces/:id/timesheets?member_id=:id
      "daily_totals": [
      "ends": "2014-06-28",
      "member_id": 433779,
      "starts": "2014-06-22",
      "state": "submitted",
      "type": "Timesheet",
      "id": 903453
   }, …

Managing Timesheets

Users with Manager access level and above can do the following actions with other members’ timesheets:

Desired effectRequired action
submitPOST to timesheets/:id/submit
re-openPOST to timesheets/:id/unsubmit
approve & lockPOST to timesheets/:id/accept
unlockPOST to timesheets/:id/unaccept


Any member can submit and re-open (unsubmit) their own timesheet as long as it is not in the accepted state.