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Fetch projects that are modiefied in last hour?

if user change value of one attribute in project, does it captured in last modified date? is there a last modified date field? I need to have api to get projects that are modified hourly.

Fetching project details based on attribute change?

How to fetch project details based on value change to one of the project attribute?

Mobile App. iOS

Hi. Is it possible to configure the iOS app to send push notifications of any updates on LP made by team members on my projects. Or notification of any direct messages sent to me from other team members. Many thanks.

Extraction data to multi projet avancement manage

how i can use the api to send all avancement project to now how is running to the deadline ? is it possible to build a daily or weekly request to export data ? Thx for your help <

Is there a way to obtain the task id of a newly created task?

Using the email solution to create a new task works well and the task will appear with it's automated ID number in the relevant project folder. Is there an easy way (other than manually opening LP and finding the newly created task and using copy and paste) to get the newly created task's ID. I'd like to be able to do this so that the task can be updated automatically from another app without having to go through the manual process of obtaining the task ID first? done is this possible? can do if I have the ID create new task in LP --> ???? get newly created task ID ???? ---> update the newly created task

Is there a way to make an API Token Read-Only?

Hello, I have successfully written a an LP API program that automatically gets the data that I wish to process and processes the data. With this LP API program I wish to always just read. I was wondering if there was a way to set an API Token to "Read-Only"? And if not, would this potentially be considered in the future? Thanks, Bart

Adding comments to task with API

I try follow the documentation with: (sanitised) curl -H "Authorization: Bearer xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" '{"comment":{"comment":"Written through API outside of LP - Hope your code is going well"}}' -X POST returns with: {"type":"Error","error":"BadArgument","message":"Expected a hash of attribute values for comment parameter"}curl: (3) nested brace in URL position 11: '{comment:{comment:Written through API outside of LP - Hope your code is going well}}' I've tried same without the single quotes as some have done and similar response, any ideas please?

Developer Docs missing information

Hello, what happened to the developer docs? Previously we were able to view url and body params in the docs (, however the endpoint reference doesn't appear to include meaningful information anymore. Is there anywhere else the available parameters for each endpoint are included?

Unexpected results with events filter

I am trying to get only events scheduled for after Jan 01, 2022. When I send "[my workspace id]/events?filter=earliest_start%20before%202022-01-01" it returns events scheduled after today instead. When I try the same filter, but using "before" instead of after, it returns no events. Is there a different command needed to access past events?

How to check contents of folder?

Hi There, I'm wanting to be able to look at a folder through the API and find out what items are contained within the folder. Is that possible? The ultimate goal is to be able to automatically close folders where all items contained within are done. I can do this in the reverse, brute-force method by finding a folder id and then parsing all items for the folder parent but that seems quite wasteful. Thanks, Joe.