About Associations (LP Classic)

This documentation is for LiquidPlanner Classic: app.liquidplanner.com

Associations are a loose grouping of models which "belong to" Treeitems. They represent most of the actual user-generated content of the Treeitem in LiquidPlanner Classic, including Notes, Comments, Links, Dependencies, Checklist Items, and more.

To reduce duplication, this page documents each Association as a child resource of the generic Treeitem model, but they are also supported on any of the specific Treeitem models:

  • Task
  • Project
  • Event
  • Client
  • Package
  • Folder
  • Milestone
  • Root

The only semantic difference is that the API will return an error if you choose the wrong model.

For example, assuming that we are members of Workspace #1 and we have a Task with Treeitem ID #123:

  • A GET request to /workspaces/1/tasks/123/note will succeed

  • A GET request to /workspaces/1/events/123/note will fail

  • A GET request to /workspaces/1/treeitems/123/note will succeed

You can learn more about Treeitem Data Model in our Documentation section.