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adding people to a task using API


Posted on behalf of Andrew Blum. Original posting date 2018-01-12.


I'm new to Liquid Planner and this community.

I'm trying to leverage the LiquidPlanner API ( to create and manage tasks for my team.

I cannot find a way to "Add People" to an existing task.

I've looked through the this endpoint documentation ( and couldn't find a way to

I have tried to use the /track_time endpoint with the member_id payload, like this:


The member_id given in this example is different than the member_id of the person who created the task and the person associated with the access token.

The task is updated as "done" correctly so I know that the request is being received and acted on, but there isn't a new person listed that is associated with member_id in my POST.

Any tips on adding people to an existing task using the API ?


Andrew Blum

CEE Training

Red Hat