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LP LP Actions?

Posted on behalf of Bryan Dady. Original posting date 2016-03-13.

Until the feature is built in, I'd like to try using a Zap to update Task custom fields and task status like On Hold and/or Backlog package.

Prior to maturing into LiquidPlanner, I introduced my team to We got pretty good at managing our tasks, priorities and flow via this online kanban board, and the Cards view in LP was an attractive 'bridge' capability. So, I'd like to have Zap's to help me periodically clean up / automate maintenance such as Card Custom Field 'Lane' with Backlog package and/or task being On Hold. I'd also like to work out Zap's to help me find and update / re-assign fields of tasks with Package, Default Action, or others equal to 'None.

I checked out Zapier and tried to setup a Trigger for when a task is created or update, with an action to update a task, but I did not see any way to dynamically select some of the fields/attributes (as a variable) of the task-in-flight.