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How to use filter_conjunction=OR


Posted on behalf of Bfunkhouser. Original posting date 2015-09-30.


I'm trying to filter a tasks query to limit it to a list of owner_id's. Thus, I want:

&filter=owner_id = ????

I read the API Guide, but I don't understand what it means by "If you specify filter_conjunction=OR, then items matching any of the supplied filters will be returned." I've tried everything I can think of so far.

The catch is, I only want the OR to apply to the owner_id filters - the other filters I want it to treat as &. I may have figured out the OR, but does that then make it apply to all the other filters too?

/workspaces/{WorkspaceID}/tasks?filter[]=is_done is false&filter[]=is_on_hold is false&filter_conjunction=OR&filter[]=owner_id = {OwnerID}&filter[]=owner_id = {51561}