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Filtering projects with the API


Posted on behalf of a customer. Original posting date 2015-01-29.

Hello, I hope you are well today.
I make the following curl request             

This works.
However, I’d like to only get the projects if the “external_reference” value is not null. (ideally if the external_reference equals a specific string), but essentially it’s the same question. (the api documents show external_reference so I do believe this is a universal field for all LP users.)
Of course I can pull all projects and loop through the results but it would be really nice to just pull the projects that have external_reference values I need.
Is this possible through one curl request? if so, could you provide me with an example? If not is there any plan for functionality like this through the API in the future? (I won’t need this functionality for another month or so)
Please let me know if I need to clarify my question.

Thank you for your time.
John Moscarillo
[curl request edited by LiquidPlanner support]