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Jira -> Zapier -> LP

Posted on behalf of Ron. Original posting date 2014-08-20

I'm working with the beta version of the LP integration with Zapier.

First, thanks for getting this going, the ability to have Jira tickets (bugs/issues from any defect tracking system, really) trigger the creation of LP tasks is very important. In working with the capabilities that exist today, I have some suggestions/questions:

  1. Our Jira workflow automatically assigns tickets to a component lead, and it would be great if that assignment could be reflected in LP. I saw the warning about the Jira assignee being an id rather than a name, but I think that it should be easy to choose either the id or the 'value'. Then, simple conventions like using the same names in both Jira (or wherever) and LP would allow the LP task assignee to be automatically populated

  2. I have projects for various customers set up in LP, and in Jira I associate a customer name with each ticket. It would be really helpful to have the ability to create the task in a project with the same name as the customer name field in Jira. Otherwise, I think I have to create a zap for each customer, which is possible but not as clean or as cheap as just being able to use a Jira field value (customer) as the project name that the task should be created in.

  3. I'm having trouble getting time estimates (Timeestimate field) from Jira to arrive in the High or Low properties of a task, maybe the way units of time are specified?

Hopefully, there are some good tweaks that still can be made, or at least some suggestions you may have...

Ron Hegli