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Workspace Changes


Posted on behalf of Jeremy W. Original posting date 2018-04-05.

When I used the API for workspace changes, it lists the type, the id, who did it, resource_type, when it was done...but it doesn't list the changes. The webhooks do list the change. I'd like to get that delta from the list of workspace changes. Is that possible in a relatively simple fashion?

Also, can you elaborate on each item a bit?

"change_type": "C",
"created_at": "SOME_ISO8601_TIME",
"resource_type": "Estimate",
"created_by": some_int,
"resource_id": some_int,
"item_id": some_int,
"type": "Change",
"id": some_int
  1. is there a difference between change_type and type?
  2. difference between resource_id and item_id?
  3. can I use "id" for a lookup to something else and get more info?
  4. is "created_by" always a member?