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RFE: update estimate when committing a timer


Posted on behalf of Ricardo Signes. Original posting date 2017-08-28.

I'm still using the "commit timer" endpoint all the darn time:

I somehow only realized last week that its behavior is quite different from using the timer in the web UI. On the web, if I have a task with a 1-2h estimate and I commit a 5m timer, I end up with a 55-115m estimate of remaining work.

Via the API, if I omit "low" and "high" when committing a timer, the estimates are left unchanged. I think this is worse than having the default behavior be to change the estimate. If I must do the change manually, I need to do an extra HTTP request to retrieve the task under consideration to get its existing estimates, then do math with floor() calls to prevent going down below a zero estimate.

If you don't want to change the default behavior, how about a boolean adjust_remaining argument that I can set true to get the behavior I want?