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throttling error


Posted on behalf of a customer. Original posting date 2015-02-06.

We are building an interface to time tracking via the LP API. Although were are doing our best to cut down requests while testing (with one person) I am getting the following error at some points...

12:53:20: stdClass Object 
[type] => Error 
[error] => Throttled 
[message] => 33 requests, exceeds limit of 30 in 15 seconds. Try again in 4 seconds, or contact [email protected] 

When the site is launched (very soon) we will have 40 people using this time tracking tool
( ) and will need much more than 2 requests per second at times.

The throttling comes from the LP API. If you hit the API too many times in 15 seconds the request is denied, causing an error on our side. We are requesting that LP allow use more than 30 requests to the API every 15 seconds.

Please advise.