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How to update ownership and estimates correctly ?

Posted on behalf of Thibaud. Original posting date 2014-10-27.

We use LiquidPlanner (LP) to manage projects (mostly for planning) but JIRA for the time tracking. We developped an application that synchronises JIRA to LP (one-way). So we can create new tasks, update info (owner/assignee, low/high estimate, description, etc.). We don't mind much about work log (who does what) we just want to make sure the time left, assignee and done status of tasks in JIRA are properly updated in LP.

With the new changes, the part that I don't quite get is the multiple assignments. As there is no way to test it before it's too late, this scares me a bit because having the synchronization work became critical in our organization.

When all I want is to make sure the owner of the task reflects the assignee in JIRA and that the remaining estimates (low and high) are up to date (we use the track_time service to update the difference between JIRA and LP), what are the precautions I have to take ? Because I read that assigning the same person to a task will throw an error. Do I use the track_time service the same way I used it in the past (but adding the person_id) for time tracking ? Do I have to delete extra assignments ? If we want to have only one assignee, do we simply update an assignment based on its ID ?

My plan is to do this:

1- update all task info except estimates and ownership
2- update the owner:
2.a. if the task.assignments[0].person_id == => do nothing (is there a risk of having multiple assignements?)
2.b. otherwise, send a request to /update_assignment with {"assignment_id": task.assignments[0].id, "person_id": }
3- update the estimates (I use the same request to /time_tracking with the difference in estimates in JIRA and LP and the person_id being the )

Is that OK ? I have a feeling that there's a risk of having assignments with person_id: 0 (Unassigned user) or worse, if people for a reason or another change ownership (and log work??) in LP, there will be multiple assignments.

Sorry if my questions aren't clear enough, if you need any clarification, don't hesitate to ask. Thanks for the help.

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