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Create Member through API


Posted on behalf of Damian Sima. Original posting date 2013-05-14.

Hi guys,

I'm trying to create a Member through your API, and I'm guessing this is not something your API handles (surely it handle modification and deletion).

Any ways, I'm hitting this URL:

With this payload:

{ "member":{ "access_level":"member","avatar_url":null,"company":"fakemember","email":"[email protected]","first_available_date":null,"first_name":"Fake","is_virtual":false,"last_available_date":null,"last_name":"Memeber","external_reference":null,"timezone":null,"user_name":"fakemember","team_name":"iApps","id":null,"children":[],"type":"Member" }}

And I'm getting this error:

{"type":"Error","error":"BadRequest","message":"Bad request, modify before retrying."}

Could you please give me hand?

Cheers, Damian.