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Create a link with the API


Posted on behalf of a customer. Original posting date 2013-05-13


So I'm trying to create a link through the API by hitting this URL:

And posting this as payload:

{ "Link": {"created_at":null,"created_by":null,"description":"A test link","item_id":xxxxxxx,"updated_at":null,"updated_by":null,"url":"","id":null,"children":[],"type":"Link" }}

The item_id belongs to a task I've created a few hours ago.

And I'm getting this as response:

{ "type":"Error","error":"BadArgument","message":"Expected a hash of attribute values for link parameter"}

Last time I cross this kind of error was because I wasn't sending the payload as a map, where the key is the same as the entity that comes after it.
But this doesn't seems to be the case right?

Could you please tell me what am I doing wrong?